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about hypnobirthing

The journey to becoming a mother can be challenging, both physically and mentally, so being in the right frame of mind will help you to enjoy this special and unique time, feeling calm and in control, empowered to make the best, informed decisions for you and your unborn child. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a positive mindset which expects the best outcome but is prepared for plans to change, as they sometimes do, helping you to stay calm & confident during pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Often hypnotherapy is accessed in preparation for birth to reduce feelings of fear and worry, but actually stress and anxiety can play a major role during the whole story of pregnancy (and commonly, the post-natal period), so hypnotherapy can be helpful during pregnancy and after, because after all, becoming a mother is all about the journey... not just the destination. There can be so much to worry about when becoming a mother, so setting aside a small amount of time every week for yourself can support you with your mood, sleep (lack of it!) and overall wellbeing. It's important to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup!

how can it help me?

You will learn about how the mind works and have time to discuss how you are feeling, in an impartial, supportive and safe environment. Sessions are a blissful period of time to focus on yourself and switch off from the rest of the world!

We cover topics such as:

- how the mind works in relation to stress & anxiety

- the role of positivity and how it promotes beneficial hormonal activity

- about the physiology of pain, in relation to how it affects the normal sequence of birth

- about how fear can affect the normal sequence of birth

- how self-hypnosis can be practised to help you during pregnancy, birth and beyond

- and of course, preparing for birth and parenting!

why choose me?

I've always had a wonderful fascination with pregnancy, so was delighted when I was finally accepted onto my midwifery training in my late twenties (if you don't know, it is highly competitive)! I had just finished my degree in Human Biology and despite my joy, I found myself struggling with my mood and eventually stepped away from my studies and changed career. At the time, I didn't realise I was struggling with anxiety, but now that I help people overcome theirs, it makes perfect sense.


Fast forward and I had my first child. My anxiety resurfaced during pregnancy, throwing up all kind of thoughts that I couldn't understand and I didn't feel I could share them, despite having a loving husband and family. I was overjoyed to be pregnant but crippled with fear over everything and it stripped the joy from my experience. The (long) birth was full of intervention and ended with an emergency section and my son sustaining a birth injury - I absolutely spiralled into a black hole of sadness and fear. I don't remember a great deal of when my son was little because I spent most of it hiding and wanting to run away. It got better though and I went on to have another baby, which was a completely different experience altogether! I was able to utilise some hypnobirthing techniques I had read about and experienced a quick, natural birth (mostly in the water) with my daughter - it really is true that no two pregnancies or births are the same! The difference between both is that I felt in control the second time around.

Fast forward again and I retrained to be a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist and not only have I helped many people overcome their personal struggles to achieve happiness and success, it has helped and continues to help me immensely. Given my life experiences, I decided to undertake further training in hypnotherapy for pregnancy and childbirth (please see my qualifications below, for further information). I feel that not only am I trained to assist women through this special time, but I am able to relate to both the joys and challenges, with compassion and empathy.

My goal is to support women through their own journey of discovery, as they become a new version of themselves, because once you become a mother, life will never be the same again!

what happens in sessions?

Sessions are a mix of psychotherapy (talking) and of course, relaxation. While your mind is beautifully relaxed it is susceptible to positive suggestions, connected to your goals. Our time together is uplifting, positive and focused on you, and only you!

We focus on solutions, rather than problems, so whilst you are invited to talk about how you feel, the focus is on how you want to feel, and take small steps towards your wonderful goal!

Generally speaking sessions last approximately 50 minutes and the package includes 6 sessions. These can be started at any time during your pregnancy and spaced in a way that suits your needs. Any future or additional sessions, if required, are charged at a special discounted rate.

I offer a FREE Consultation to discuss this and how hypnotherapy could help you! 

is hypnotherapy safe?

Yes - in hypnosis you are deeply relaxed and your mind is able to rest.


You remain in complete control and can open your eyes and get up at any time... but no-one ever wants to because it is so incredibly and blissfully relaxing!

are you qualified?

Here are my relevant qualifications, please let me know if you would like to see any of my certificates;


- BSc (Hons) Human Biology (University of Worcester)

- Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (The Clifton Practice)

- Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (National Council of Hypnotherapy's 'Gold Standard')

- NLP & Advanced Hypnotic Techniques (Academy of the Inner Mind)

- KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training (Katharine Graves - herself)

- Solution Focused Hypnotherapy CPD training 'Calm Pregnancy & Childbirth'

- and, I'm a mother who has experienced two very different pregnancies and births (I don't have a certificate for them though!)

what is it like?

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, some see colour (me), others float (also me), some people feel like they drift off... there is no right or wrong way to feel. One common experience though, is utter relaxation and inner peace.


To encourage you into a lovely, relaxed state I play calming music and speak positive suggestions to you at the same time.


Here is a sample of what you can expect...

Calm Place Hypnotherapy Relaxation Track